Welcome to my first blog

Author: Ally Eastman


Welcome to the first blog on my website. Previously, I have been blogging on allyeastman.tumblr.com, but now I am transitioning over to this platform. If you have not already, feel free to check out my old Tumblr blog here, it dates back to my first year of my degree, so there is a lot of different industry related content on there. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year break! I enjoyed many great family activities including Christmas Day with my Mum's family, going Boxing Day sales shopping and celebrating my Aunty's 50th birthday in a pretty park and going on a Kookaburra Cruise on the Brisbane River the day after.

After having that amazing break, I have felt refreshed and inspired. I have been learning many new industry things each day, as well as building my online presence and getting more contacts. Currently, my main objective is to learn as much about JavaScript as possible. Currently, I am over 50% through the CodeAcademy course for the language. Luckily, I have previously learnt PHP, so I have been able to pick up JavaScript quickly! I have also been furthering my knowledge on Digital Marketing. There is so much I have learnt and I believe I am quite confident with my knowledge in this area.

I plan to update this weekly at least weekly, so be sure to follow my Facebook or Instagram to see when I announce the latest blog has been released!

Codeacademy on laptop