Where to find freelance work online

Author: Ally Eastman


Sometimes, when doing freelance work, there can be times where work seems minimal.

I have only casually been completing freelance work throughout my degree and now that I have finished and will be moving on to a full time job – I will still be looking to do freelance work casually.

One of the most important reasons why I started to look for freelance work online was to build up my portfolio.

It was suggested to me by an industry person to look further into a website called Upwork.

I joined the website and within the first day I got my first job. So far I have completed two different jobs on the website, only because I de-prioritized freelance work during the last few weeks of my degree. However, now I am going to be more active on the website and receive more jobs.

The website has a pretty diverse range of skills. Jobs available include web developers, mobile developers, designers & creative, writers, virtual assistants, customer service agents, sales & marketing experts and accountants & consultants.

The whole hirer to freelance payment feels secure. You can set up a PayPal account and the money will be transferred there through the website. The overall contracts feel trustworthy and stable.

It’s so convenient that such a website exists – it makes sourcing freelance work much easier. I will be posting more about my experience on Upwork as time moves on.

A Link to my Upwork profile.